Our Mission

Our mission is to open up the world of programmatic advertising to any brand, agency or company that is interested. We aim to solve a wide variety of business and advertising challenges by delivering specialized programmatic solutions as well as providing unique and valuable professional and educational services, resources, and support.

Whether you are an agency responsible for several brands, a small business looking to take your next advertising step, or a company looking to push your own brand forward, we are here to provide the holistic programmatic approach you need to reach all your business and advertising goals.

Our Vision

Our vision to empower business of all sizes and industries to buy and sell media through programmatic technology. We believe programmatic is the future of advertising and that all brands have the right to harness its awesome power. We are also aiming to create an opportunity where brands not only have access to the technology, but the education, resources, and staff to continue utilizing it long after our work is done.

Our Services

Programmatic Connect strives to offer you a complete range of programmatic and educational based offerings. Below is an overview of the powerful partner you gain when teaming up with us. We invite you to explore these services further by clicking here or by filling out the Contact Us form below.

  • Consultancy
  • Campaign Management
    • Review and improve current and past campaigns
    • Create and launch new campaigns
    • Provide weekly and monthly metric reports
  • Employee Education
    • Training Videos
    • Industry Update Webinars
    • Current Topic Blog Posts
  • Employee Recruitment
    • Building your programmatic team
    • Crafting accurate job descriptions
    • Conducting technical screenings

Our Story

Programmatic Connect was born out of a need to educate brands on practices and benefits of programmatic marketing. After working in programmatic for several years, our founders saw an opportunity to use their knowledge and passion to open the door to programmatic all brands.

Our Experience

Publisher – Monetization

We can help publishers of all sizes maximize their advertising revenue.

Advertiser – Campaign  Setup, Management, and Reporting

We offer a full boat service for your advertising needs. This includes creating the perfect campaign plan for your brand, setting it up and monitoring the results to make the necessary improvements.

Technology – DSP, SSP, Ad Server

We understand the various moving parts that make up programmatic can be challenging. We walk you through each part of the journey to ensure you are comfortable throughout the activation process.

Operations – Workflow

We use our past work experiences to create the ideal workflow for your team and campaigns.

Negotiations – CPM, Fee

We will negotiate on your behalf to get you the lowest fees and best CPM’s available.

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