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Our FREE membership subscription, Programmatic Connect+, service is designed to give our clients the education and resources necessary to stay up to date in this emerging world of ever-changing technology.

We offer a number of valuable resources that will help your team understand the various aspects of the campaigns they are running. Below is an overview of everything your team will be able to take advantage of with membership to Programmatic Connect+

  • Newsletter
    • Our monthly newsletter delivers the latest industry news, FAQ’s, pieces of advice and other resources to ensure your team is up to date.
  • Blog
    • Our monthly blog posts are written to address the biggest questions and issues that arise in our industry. These can be referenced to address the questions and challenges that arise when launching and monitoring your campaigns.
  • Advice
    • Our advice column will feature the answers to what our experts deem to be the most relevant questions facing our clients. It will also include questions previous clients have asked us because we know that you will have the same questions as well!
  • News/Trends
    • The world of audience targeting technology is constantly changing and we understand it can be very difficult to keep up with it. This feature aims to aggregate all relevant news and trends and serve as one-stop shopping for all marketers who wish to stay on top of industry news.
  • Events
    • As we’ve mentioned, we care deeply about your ability to run your campaigns long after we are gone. Therefore, we want to make sure you know where the biggest industry events are taking place so you can continue to learn and build your network!
  • Job Board
    • We will gather all the open programmatic positions in the industry and list them here. This a perfect resource for new programmatic talent or for any client who wishes to post their latest openings for their target audience to see.
  • Consortium
    • We are fully aware of the number of partners and vendors you need to execute successful programmatic campaigns. However, with the number of companies popping up every day, all claiming to be the best, it can be hard to determine who is worthy of your time and valuable budget dollars. We have built an association with approved partners and vendors. This way, you know whoever you choose is the real deal and has been vetted by industry experts.
  • Mentorship
    • We offer the opportunity to stay on as a mentor to your top talent. This relationship assures your team is always utilizing the skills they learned from us. Our mentorship program also allows us to share our experiences and help your team with the various challenges that may arise in future campaigns. 
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