Our Story

Programmatic Connect was born out of a need to educate brands on practices and benefits of programmatic marketing. After working in programmatic for several years, our founders saw an opportunity to use their knowledge and passion to open the door to programmatic all brands.

What they noticed that was missing in the ‘agency world’ was a full 360 approach to educating companies on programmatic. Programmatic Connect is designed to do more than execute strategies. PC not only learns the ins and out of your company but teaches your team how to duplicate the campaigns they created. They also wanted this company to help with future recruitment and mentorship needs to ensure the brands they worked with were always benefiting from his knowledge and guidance.

As a result, Programmatic Connect was born. A first of its kind full-service programmatic agency designed to meet all your current and future programmatic needs.

Our Experience

Publisher – Monetization

  • We can help publishers of all sizes maximize there advertising revenue.

Advertiser – Campaign  setup, management reporting

  • We offer a full boat service for your advertising needs. This includes creating the perfect campaign plan for your brand, setting it up and monitoring the results to make the necessary improvements.

Technology – DSP, SSP, Ad Server

  • Understanding the various moving parts that make up programmatic can be challenging. We walk you through each part of the process to ensure you are comfortable throughout the activation process.

Operations – Workflow

  • We use our past work experiences to create the ideal workflow for your team and campaigns.

Negotiations – CPM, Fee

  • We will negotiate on your behalf to get you the lowest fees and best CPM’s available.

What Makes Us Different

  • Ability to create campaigns from scratch or improve on existing ones
  • Teach team members about programmatic and everything else (i.e.)  how to create future campaigns
  • Provide vast library of programmatic resources
  • Assist with the recruiting and vetting of programmatic positions
  • In-depth knowledge of the programmatic industry, led by industry experts
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